What we do

We help people with a lived experience feel supported and meet their everyday challenges. We want them to live ordinary – even extraordinary – lives.

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Our services

Flourish Australia works in local communities to support people create their own recovery pathways. 

Accessing our services can mean different things to different people. Broadly, we offer support and resources to people with a lived experience, for them to make friends, learn new things, get a job, or find a new home.


Support people to lead an active life:
Flourish Australia offers people the opportunity to:
• be supported and resourced with reliable information;
• build a healthy lifestyle by participating in groups and engaging in activities that promote physical health, exercise, emotional wellbeing, addiction and disease management;
• learn new things in an informal setting like managing mental health, literacy and numeracy skills, tutoring, healthy cooking or making handicrafts (eg. jewellery, paper/cards, mosaics);
• access to the community; and
• explore further education. 

Services we offer to
help people find a job:

Flourish Australia helps job seekers identify their preferences and supports them to research the options available. These components include:
• curriculum vitae and resume preparation;
• interview preparation;
• negotiation of reasonable workplace adjustments;
• job analysis;
• career and further education planning;
• personalised job searching;
• on-the-job training; and
• on-the-job support and check-ins. 

We also provide employment opportunities through our community businesses and social enterprises.

Services we offer to
help people find a home:

Flourish Australia provides support to people searching for a place to call home under various programs around New South Wales and South-east Queensland. We helped people identify:
• whether they want to live alone or with others;
• how much support they want, and how that is provided;
• whether they want to live in a flat, villa, house, boarding house or some other dwelling;
• how much they can afford to pay;
• if they need to apply for additional help to get housing that suits them;
• what other financial commitments they have;
• which area they want to live in;
• what community facilities they want to be close to; and
• which people they want to be near (friends, spouse/lover, family etc). 


In the media

  • The formal launch of ‘Flourish Australia’ at our Figtree Conference Centre was recognised nationally, with the ABC’s 7.30 Program attending.

  • Broken Hill word was out that Flourish Australia was the lead agency for the local “headspace” operation.
  • Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in March 2017
  • Flowerdale Cottage at Liverpool was all over
    the local papers as it celebrated 20 years and announced plans to step up operations under the NDIS.
  • CEO Pamela Rutledge and Lived Experienced Consulting Manager Christine Miniawy went live with Wendy Harmer on ABC 702, breaking the news that half of Flourish Australia’s workforce – 350 people – now identify as having a ‘lived experience’.

to Paradise”

Artists: Jason Lambert & Rosemary Thornton Tamworth
Medium: Mixed media and
acrylic paint on board

Community businesses


Community businesses form an essential bridge to open employment. We are very proud of the progress each business has made this year, with an increase in activity across all sites, highlighting the great work our teams are delivering.

Work in our document management, scanning and destruction area at Marrickville continues to grow with new contracts coming in from a number of government departments.

In 2016, we won the contract to conduct cleaning services at the prestigious Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute at Menangle just south of Campbelltown. 

This year we also launched our first regional ADE in Wagga Wagga.

Harris Park, St Marys and Warwick Farm sites are in the midst of the transition to the NDIS with nearly all of the current supported employees having been assisted to apply for the scheme.


of Marrickville’s packaging income was generated from document management services


employees from Harris Park & Marrickville graduated with Certificate III in Warehousing


Looking Ahead


Retirement of Pamela Rutledge
Earlier this year Pamela Rutledge, our Chief Executive, announced her intention to retire at the end of 2017.

Resolve Program
We will continue to work with our partners to operate the Resolve Program to achieve the performance targets that form the foundation of the Social Benefit Bond.

Peer Workforce
In the next twelve months, we expect the peer workforce to expand further. We will undertake an evaluation of the Why not a peer worker?

Family and Carerse
We will develop additional resources aimed specifically at families and carers and investigate the use of the new Carer Experience of Service Survey.

New Enterprise Agreement
We will implement a new Enterprise Agreement that harmonises employment conditions across the organisation.


Our funders


Flourish Australia acknowledges the significant financial support from the following funders that allows us to do our work: 

Australian Government
Department of Health

Department of Social Services
National Disability Insurance Agency 

National Disability
Insurance Agency

NSW Government
NSW Health

Department of Family
and Community Services
– Ageing,Disability and

Department of Family
and Community Services
–Housing NSW 

Department of Family and Community Services
– Child and Family Services

Hunter New England
Local Health District 

Illawarra Shoalhaven
Local Health District 

Local Health District 

Nepean Blue Mountains
Local Health District 

South Eastern Sydney
Local Health District

Southern NSW
Local Health District 

Local Health District

Western Sydney
Local Health District

Western NSW
Local Health District

Far West
Local Health District

Queensland Government
Queensland Health 

Other Funders
EACH Social and Community Health

Grand Pacific Health

HealthWISE New
England North West

Hunter Primary Care

Mission Australia

New Horizons

One Door

South Western
Sydney PHN

WentWest Limited

Wentworth Healthcare Limited

Western NSW PHN  



Flourish Australia receives funding from the Australian, New South Wales and Queensland Governments. For more information visit flourishaustralia.org.au/funders

Flourish Australia Services is a Registered Business Name of RichmondPRA Limited (ABN 66 001 280 628), commonly known as Flourish Australia.