"We are the mental health charity for people with a lived experience, provided by people who have been there"


Flourish Australia is one of Australia’s most experienced not-for-profit mental health organisations. For over 60 years, we have worked in local communities to support people on their mental health recovery journey. 

Social Citizenship

To flourish as individuals we all need social citizenship.

Social Citizenship acknowledges the importance of social engagement and community participation, to mental health and wellbeing – the very cornerstone of Flourish Australia’s approach.

At Flourish Australia, we believe that true citizenship is about the ability for each person to grow, learn and exercise fully, their unique capacity and capabilities for doing the things that they like to do, that they are good at, and value the most. Social networks create the necessary opportunities to engage, connect, participate and receive recognition for those individual strengths and achievements.

We offer a great diversity of services and outreach programs to support people with a lived experience in creating their most fulfilling and rewarding life – as an active member of their local community and in society as a whole.


Our vision is to enable full participation within a diverse and inclusive community

Our mission is to work together for optimal mental health and wellbeing

Our values are hope, inclusion, partnership, diversity, integrity, respect and trust

During 2017/18
772 people were employed by Flourish Australia


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Where mental wellbeing flourishes

Flourish Australia works in local communities to support people create their own recovery pathways. 

Accessing our services can mean different things to different people. Broadly, we offer support and resources to people with a lived experience, for them to make friends, learn new things, get a job, or find a new home.


NDIS & Flourish Australia

It has been five years since the start of the NDIS trial in the Hunter and since then NSW has completed the roll out of the NDIS, with the last areas being incorporated on 1 July 2017. During the year Flourish Australia expanded its NDIS footprint to cover all sites in NSW, with outreach into the ACT from our Queanbeyan office.